What Are Tenants Rights in Pennsylvania?


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In Pennsylvania, tenants have a number of rights relating to items such as peaceful possession of the property, security deposit, eviction, habitability and notices. These rights are specified in the Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Law.

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The right to peaceful possession of the leased property means that a landlord cannot interfere with the possession and use of the property. This means they are unable to harass the tenant by phone or in person, and they are also unable to enter the property without reasonable notice and only when there is a legitimate purpose, such as necessary repairs or to show it to prospective tenants. The landlord is also forbidden from changing the locks or otherwise denying the tenant access to the property.

The tenant's right to habitability means that the property must meet the minimum municipal standards regarding safety, construction and maintenance. Landlords are required to provide the tenant with adequate notice in case of a violation of the lease or if they want the tenant to move out early. The law also states that landlords must return security deposits to tenants within 30 days of them moving out. If landlords withhold any part of a deposit, they are required to notify tenants of their reasons in writing.

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