What Are a Tenant's Responsibilities When Renting a Duplex?


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All tenants have the same responsibilities, no matter who they are renting from. Tenants should pay their rent on time, keep the duplex clean and neat, respect the privacy of neighbors and follow the terms of the lease agreement. Landlords and property managers have a set of rules and responsibilities they must follow as well.

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Landlords or property managers have the responsibility of keeping the property and everything in it in good working order. The property should be safe, while repairs should be made within a reasonable amount of time.

As a tenant, all terms of the lease agreement must be followed. Tenants are responsible for all damage they cause. Many leases state whether a tenant can do things like paint their dwelling or replace light fixtures, for example. Lease agreements vary greatly and they should be the go-to document for questions and concerns about a tenant's rights.

If either the tenant or the landlord fails to meet their responsibility, the result may be an eviction from the landlord or legal action by the tenant. For example, non-negotiable items that fall under the category of a renter's responsibility, such as lease sharing, subletting, smoking on the property or owning pets, can result in a landlord filing eviction as long as the proper steps of an eviction are followed.

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