How Do You Get a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy?


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To obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy the owner or permittee of a property must print and sign an application requesting the certificate and showing completion of all safety elements in the proposed coverage area, according to Greenwich, Connecticut. The application requires a statement of the coverage area and the expected completion date for the remainder of the project. Connecticut's state building code allows temporary occupation of project areas as long as occupation does not endanger public welfare or life.

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To prevent endangerment of public welfare or life, complete safety items such as handrails, guardrails, stairs, floor surfaces and safety glazing, explains Greenwich, Connecticut. Required electrical work must be complete and no wiring can be exposed. Hot water must be available and the heating system must operate from October through April. When the proposed property is a dwelling unit, the kitchen, sleeping and living areas must be complete. The unit must have one compliant functioning bathroom including a water closet, lavatory and bathing facilities.

Various department inspections, such as zoning compliance, fire marshal, sewer and field inspections must occur before the building inspections division issues a temporary certificate of occupancy, notes Greenwich, Connecticut. The health department must inspect certain buildings, such as childcare or public food service facilities, variety and food stores, and nail and beauty salons.

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