What Are Some Templates Available for Survey Forms?

What Are Some Templates Available for Survey Forms?

Some types of templates for survey forms include templates for customer satisfaction surveys, education surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, event planning surveys, healthcare surveys and marketing surveys. SurveyMonkey offers these templates for free to registered users, notes its website. Individuals can also sign up for a premium account for a corresponding fee.

SurveyMonkey is an online software survey company that provides a wide selection of products and services designed to help users make informed decisions based on collected data. This company's survey templates are expert-certified and can be customized according to a user's preferences, states SurveyMonkey.

Customer satisfaction survey templates are pre-written forms intended to gather critical feedback from consumers to evaluate what aspects of the business require improvements. Education survey forms, meanwhile, collect information from parents and students to help create a better learning environment.

Healthcare survey templates gather data from patients and medical professionals to develop strategic choices in improving quality of care and ensuring that health practices comply with industry standards. Marketing survey forms, meanwhile, collect relevant consumer demographics to determine how well-received a particular product or service is within a specific sector of the population.

Other templates for survey forms that are available at SurveyMonkey include the website feedback survey template, Net Promoter Score survey template, human resources survey template, K-12 parent engagement survey template and non-profit survey template.