What Is a Template for a Resume?

A template for creating a resume guides a job-seeker into using the proper structure and indicates what type of contact information and credentials should be included. Templates are available on numerous websites and come in a myriad of different styles.

Resume-template styles depend on many factors. Two important components that the applicant needs to consider include the type of job he is interested in and the level of work experience he possesses. Some templates aim to emphasize skills and detract from employment gaps or a transition into a new career; this is a functional resume. Conversely, a chronological resume clearly states the applicant's work history from most recent to past, and it includes degree and certification information.

While there are an incredible number of templates to choose from, the applicant must be wary of those that encourage the inclusion of outdated elements, such as an objective statement and references. Increasingly, experts say not to include a statement and to provide references only if asked, as both can be distracting and may even hurt the applicant's chances of being offered the desired position.

Regardless of whether an applicant chooses to use a template or not, he always need to be truthful about his work history, education and any research cited on his resume.