What Is a Free Template for Exit Interviews?


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A free exit interview template is a form document that contains standard information such as employee name, job title and termination date. The free exit interview form featured at the Entrepreneur website includes numerous multiple choice reasons for termination as well as sections for employee and interviewer comments. The second page of the form has a list of common job satisfaction questions and space for writing answers.

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The reason for termination appears at the top section of most exit interview templates and is split into voluntary and involuntary reasons. Voluntary reasons for terminating employment include finding another position, relocating and retirement. Involuntary reasons include poor attendance, violation of company policies and lay offs. In the questionnaire section, interviewers can ask the employees to explain in-depth their reasons for leaving. Interviewers can gauge job satisfaction by asking what the employee liked most and least about their jobs. A good final question is to ask for feedback on how the company can improve to prevent similar exits.

At the beginning of the exit interview, the interviewer should put the employee at ease by making it known the employee faces no repercussions for answering honestly. Giving employees the questions to review prior to the exit interview helps them prepare their answers. While the employee answers questions, interviewers can look for non-verbal cues in body language that present an opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

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