How Do Temp Agencies Work?


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Temporary agencies are paid by companies to find skilled workers to fill job positions on a temporary basis. The agencies recruit workers and conduct skill tests to determine which temporary jobs are the right fit for each temp worker.

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Temporary agencies handle all of the staffing requirements for companies who need to hire workers fast to fill certain positions. The company employer determines the location, job tasks and number of hours worked, and is also responsible for direct supervision of temp workers. However, temporary workers do not receive payment or company benefits while working for the employer. Temporary workers are employed by the temp agency, and, therefore, temp workers are expected to report hours worked to the agency. Temp agencies are responsible for paying temp workers for hours worked.

While job assignments are always temporary in nature, some employers do hire temp workers to fill a job permanently. Thus it can be beneficial for people seeking permanent positions to accept temporary assignments through an agency. Temporary agencies often provide needed job training skills that improve the odds of landing a higher paying temporary assignment. Temporary jobs also allow people to gain on-the-job experience, which may lead to better job opportunities.

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