What Are Some Temp Agencies That Hire Felons?

Some temp agencies that hire felons include Labor Ready, Manpower, Kelly Services, Elite Staffing, FrontLine Staffing and AeroTek, according to Help for Felons. These staffing agencies do not necessarily specialize in or focus on finding job placements for individuals who have been convicted of committing felonies; these companies have shown willingness to work with felons and find them temporary or permanent job placements. Felons may not always get the jobs they apply for and not all employers who contract with temp agencies are willing to hire felons.

Temp agencies are a suitable choice for felons who are looking for work because they allow people to apply for a large number of jobs at one time. This increases the odds that the job applicant will find a suitable position, as stated by Help for Felons. Some industries, such as construction, are known to be generally friendlier toward the idea of hiring felons. Labor Ready is one temp agency that is known to have offered felons construction jobs.

Among the temp agencies that are known to work with felons, several, including Labor Ready, Manpower, AeroTek, Spherion and Elite Staffing, regularly place applicants in unskilled or industrial labor jobs that are open to hiring felons with a limited educational background. Some temp agencies, including Kelly Services, focus more on office jobs that may require more of a white-collar background.