Do Telomeres From Aging Cause Wrinkled Skin?

Telomeres produced from aging can cause wrinkled skin because the cells are no longer able to function normally as its telomeres shorten. Short telomeres render the skin unable to maintain normal DNA and repair properly on a cellular level, according to Everyday Health.

Shortened telomeres produced from aging not only lead to wrinkled skin but also other signs of older skin. The upper layer of the skin called the epidermis can appear dull if skin cells cannot turn over or shed properly, explains Everyday Health. Short telomeres cause cells to age and die faster, states Medicine Net. Shortening of telomeres can be accelerated by emotional, genetic and environmental factors.

Research studies have demonstrated that there is a definitive link between telomere shortening and chronic stress. These studies support the popular belief that stress causes people to appear older, states Medicine Net. Studies indicate the people who reduce the effects of stress on their bodies by eating well and exercising are showing decreased signs of aging in their appearances.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits can cause telomeres to shorten prematurely and accelerate skin aging and disease processes in the body, explains Medicine Net. Although telomeres naturally shorten with age, unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, reduced sleep and smoking, can all cause premature shortening.

Additionally, the skin is vulnerable to DNA-damaging agents such as ultravoilet radiation, cigarette smoke and automobile exhaust among other things. These agents can affect the skin’s function, structure and appearance and cause wrinkles to develop, according to