How Do I Tell Someone They Didn't Get the Job?

Most employers tell candidates they did not get a job through email or with a letter. While nobody enjoys telling someone they were not hired, it is important that they know soon. Advice can help them do better next time.

Most people strongly dislike telling job candidates that they will not be hired, but it is important to let them know. By creating a professional template, employers can send letters or emails out quickly, which can help candidates move on with other opportunities. However, it is important to customize the letter by at least including the candidate's name.

Rejection letters should be professional and somewhat formal. However, there is still some room for sympathy. Expressing regret that the employee will not be hired can help give the letter an empathetic touch. Expressing too much sympathy, however, can leave a bad impression on the candidate.

In some cases, employers might want to give some candidates a bit of advice. Letting them know what they can do to improve their chances next time can help them get a job in the future. It never hurts to have connections in any industry, and helping someone who was not hired might lead to a beneficial relationship in the future.