Are Television Advertisements Trustworthy?


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While consumers are exposed tomany types ofadvertisements on a regular basis, from both online and offline media, studies have shown thatthey consistently express a high degree oftrust in television ads year after year. In fact, 62 percent of respondents in the2013Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages survey from Nielsensaid they completely or somewhat trust ads on TV.That beats out trust in ads in magazines and ads in newspapers, as well as more than 10 more ad formats, and represented a spike of more than5 percent since 2007.

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Are Television Advertisements Trustworthy?
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Further proving TV ads areone of the most trusted forms of paid advertising, 68 percent of respondents in the 2013 Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages surveysaid they took action based on an ad on TV. Since this percentage is higher than the actual percentage of respondents who said they completely or somewhat trust ads on TV, this indicates the power of this type ofad format:people are still being moved to action even if they don't entirely trust the medium.

Around the world, people seem to agree on the trustworthiness of ads on TV:ads on TV ranked as the second-most trusted form of advertising in the 2014 Always On global study from FEPE International.

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