What Are TeleTech and Oracle?

TeleTech is an organization that provides consulting and technology services to help companies excel in customer service. Oracle is an organization that develops software and hardware products. These tech organizations differ by the services they provide.

TeleTech provides technology platforms that facilitate customer service experiences while helping to lower organizational costs. TeleTech helps companies connect to their customers via cloud technology. Its technology leverages social media, text, chat and email into a single channel; this is known as omnichannel interaction. This tool allows companies to understand how customers like to connect to the organization, including by methods of online communication. TeleTech also provides consulting services to assist business leaders in engaging with their customer base. Consulting services include strategy development, process improvement, training and data analytics.

Oracle provides hardware, software and related services for large companies. Oracle provides both new software licenses and software license updates. It also provides technical support to organizations needing assistance with software issues. Oracle's software enables the storage, retrieval and manipulation of data. This software is used for data warehousing, business intelligence and online transaction processing. Oracle's hardware products include storage devices, servers, networking components and operating systems. Oracle also provides customer service in the hardware division in the form of product repairs, preventative maintenance and technical support.