What is the telephone number of GreenPoint Mortagage Funding Inc.?


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Although no longer in service, a telephone number for GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc. was 704-329-6486 for its office in Charlotte, North Carolina. The business and its multiple branches were closed in 2007 by its parent company, Capital One Financial Corp., due to low consumer demand.

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GreenPoint Mortgage was the mortgage lending arm that focused on residential loans for lower credit applicants and mortgage loans with a higher level of risk. Before closing, it was the seventh largest originator of sub-prime mortgages. The closing of the business resulted in a loss of 1,900 jobs and 31 branches throughout the country. Capital One lost $860 million in 2007 with the closing of GreenPoint Mortgage. Both Capital One and GreenPoint Mortgage were served several subpoenas in regards to regulation investigations to sub-prime lending that led to the recession in 2007.

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