What Are Some Telephone Etiquette Tips?


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Some basic telephone etiquette tips include speaking into the mouthpiece, not chewing gum while talking and not talking to someone else in the room without putting the person on hold. Proper etiquette also entails answering the telephone promptly and using a friendly greeting.

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When answering a telephone, answer it within no more than 2 to 3 rings. Use a simple and professional greeting if this is in an office setting. When practicing on-the-job telephone etiquette, inform the person on the other line before putting them on hold. Place the telephone receiver back on the cradle rather than on the desk. Make call transfers as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Telephone etiquette also includes taking messages for someone else. Even if the caller claims the person has his contact information, ask for it anyway. Collect his name, telephone number with extension, date and time of the message, and a brief message.

When returning a call, do so in a timely manner. Mention to the caller that this is a return call. If the individual is not in the office, leave a voicemail message. When leaving a message with a receptionist or office manager, provide as much information as possible about your reason for calling.

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