What Is the Telephone Bill for an Average House?

As of 2012, the average landline telephone bill was $20, while the average smartphone telephone bill was $100, totaling $120 for both. With more houses trending towards smartphones only, the additional cost of a landline is expected to drop from the monthly bill of the average home.

The telephone bill for the average household has gone up drastically since the introduction of smartphones and wireless service. Smartphone services take up the majority of the monthly telephone bill from the average family as of 2015. Even as smartphones have become an everyday item, the price of the average telephone bill has not changed. This is largely due to the increase in features and available speeds put forth by the wireless carriers.

With every expansion of a wireless network, new customers enroll to take advantage of better coverage and higher data speeds. This causes the average price of a telephone bill to remain in the $100 range due to the constant shift to a newer, better network. As a wireless network ages, it costs less to maintain. The technology to deploy networks of the same grade is cheaper than when first deployed, and the amount owed by the consumer becomes lower.

In order to attract new customers and to compete in a constantly evolving business, wireless carriers deploy newer networks that cost more. The constant shift to the newest network is what keeps the price of the average telephone bill the same.