What Are Some Techniques for Effective Communication?


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To effectively communicate, focus on the speaker, make eye contact, and show genuine interest in what the person has to say. When it comes to speaking, speak up and use body language to express emotions and feelings.

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Being a good listener is a big part of effectively communicating. Make sure the full attention is on the person speaking. Avoid fidgeting, and always keep eye contact. These minor body language signals reflect your undivided attention. Show avid interest by nodding and agreeing when points are made. Don’t interrupt the speaker unless absolutely necessary. It is also best to listen and avoid judgment.

Body language is an important part of non-verbal communication. Someone who is paying attention and showing interest doesn’t start pacing the room, look at the ceiling or stand with her arms crossed.

When communicating with someone, keep a reasonable volume; however, if the person you are speaking with asks you to repeat yourself more than once, it is likely a good time to raise the volume of your voice. Additionally, try to be concise with your message instead of vague. Use hands and other non-verbal gestures to get the point across. Keep good body posture and be sincere when communicating.

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