What Are the Techniques of Controlling and Distributing Incoming and Outgoing Mail?


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Automation is one technique for controlling and distributing incoming mail. There is software that automatically reads and processes the addresses of incoming mail. For outgoing mail, there is a system in which all mail is sent out at a previously sorted.

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The automation software locates the information within an address block on a piece of mail, allowing the software to group the information, make connections and build a chain that gets the mail to the recipient.

Another technique involves using a database to find the information on a company address structure. An address structure varies on the company, but it may be limited to the name of the person and the company name. For instance, the software relies on database records to find matching information. Automation software is also designed to recognize variations on names and other values, otherwise known as alias mechanisms.

The United States post office will give major companies and organizations discounted rates on mail if it is already previously sorted. All mail that is less than thirteen ounces is mailed at the discount rate regardless, saving money for the company or organization and the departments. Outgoing mail from each department must be separated and categorized for pick-up from the mail clerk.

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