Why Is Team Synergy Important?

Team synergy is important because great teamwork is essential for performing well in business, sports and other aspects of everyday life. Lack of synergy can affect the upward growth of any organization because the individuals are not on the same page and united toward the same effort. Businesses and individuals need to be synergistic because more minds can tackle obstacles if they are united and working mutually -- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In businesses, company objectives usually are tackled by multiple individuals with different perspectives, skills and experiences. Although these individuals hail from different backgrounds, team synergy plays a vital role because it combines the different parts. Companies understand the importance of team synergy and often recruit employees that are comfortable in team settings.

Team synergy is not only important in business but also in sports. In sports such as basketball and football, individuals need to know the team's overall goal and understand the role that each individual has to play. Sports coaches often organize team functions to develop camaraderie among players and grow meaningful relationships with each other, which often translates into winning games. Team synergy is an essential component of performing superbly in group tasks.