What Are Some Team-Building Group Games?


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The team-building game Grab Bag Skits challenges small groups of three to six employees to create a skit using only the random items in their grab bag and to perform it before the whole staff team. In Zoom, a team exercise requiring collaboration, each employee in the group has a different photograph that relates to their teammates' photos and, without sharing their photos, the group must determine how to sequence the photos to tell a story.

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Another, more intimate team-building exercise, known as Commonalities and Uniquities, asks small subgroups of a larger employee group to compile a list of things that all members of the group have in common but which are not necessarily obvious. A spokesperson for each subgroup shares the list of commonalities with the larger group. In the next phase of the exercise, members of each group identify two unique, but not obvious, characteristics or facts about each group member. When sharing these "uniquities" with the larger group, one option is to ask the larger group to guess who each uniquity belongs to.

In the team-building exercise Salt and Pepper, each participant has a small sign with a word that represents one half of a pair, such as ketchup and mustard, taped to his back. The participant's challenge is to determine what his word is by asking questions of other participants and then to find the other half of his pair. Pairs spend a brief time chatting and then introduce each other as instructed, such as sharing something others may not yet know about them.

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