What Are Some Team Building Games for the Workplace?

What Are Some Team Building Games for the Workplace?

Blind drawing, three truths and a lie, watch where you step and life timeline are some team building games for the workplace. The games help employees know each other better so that they can work together efficiently.

The blind drawing game helps improve communication skills in employees. The game involves dividing employees into teams of two and have them sit back to back. One team member receives a picture of a word or object. The member then describes the picture without using words that can describe the subject directly.

In three truths and a lie, every player receives four sheets of paper. The players write one lie on the first sheet and three truths in the remaining three sheets such that every paper has one item written on it. The mood should remain professional, and the lies should be believable. Every member then reads their lies and truths aloud and randomly. The other players then which statement is a lie and why they think it is a lie.

The aim of the watch where you step game is to have a team of two people cross from one side of a polygon to the another while blindfolded and following the vocal guidance of the players outside the polygon. The polygon has squeaking toys placed as landmines. If the first player steps on the landmine, he gets frozen and must wait for the other player to step on the landmine for him to continue. If both players freeze, the game restarts.

The life time game is suitable for an ice breaker. The players close their eyes and think of their fondest and first memories. They get a few minutes to think and then say what memory they would want to relieve and why if they had 30 seconds to live.