How Do You Teach Infant Art Classes?


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Simple art projects help increase an infant's coordination skills and encourage them to explore. Here's how to teach infant art classes.

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  1. Check out your state's teaching standards for art

    Familiarize yourself with the specific standards for infants. Print out a copy so you can refer to it later.

  2. Prepare a syllabus for infant art class

    Use it in organizing your activities. Include many different hands-on art projects.

  3. Gather supplies

    Send out a notification to parents listing the items you need for the classes. Request any unusual supplies you might need.

  4. Enhance your curriculum

    Check with the National Gallery of Art's NGA Materials Finder teacher packets of activities and images. Select materials that are appropriate for the styles of art that are on your syllabus.

  5. Place your infants on a comfortable, flat surface

    Hold one part of the brush while the infant controls the brushstrokes.

  6. Guide the child's brush toward the paper

    Allow the infant to be in control of the movement of the paintbrush. Dip the paintbrush in the water at regular intervals to make sure the brush stays dry.

  7. Let the paper dry

    Allow up to 4 hours for the paper to dry, and then hang it up or frame it.

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