How Do You Find Taxis for Sale?


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In larger cities where public transportation is common, there are businesses and brokers that deal in the sale of taxis. It may also be possible to purchase a used taxi from individuals in such locations. It is also possible to convert any car into a Taxi.

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When prospective taxi owners decide to open a taxi service, they have three options for obtaining a vehicle. The first is to purchase a new or used vehicle and have it converted into a cab with custom paint and conversions. The second option is to purchase a car that has already been converted into a taxi. Though this may be a less expensive option than the first, it is likely that the car must still be painted with the new owner's custom logo. In some locations, vehicles used as taxis are required to be "retired" after either a certain window of time or a certain number of miles in order to ensure the ongoing safety of passengers.

When purchasing a vehicle that was already used as a taxi, it is important to find out the vehicle's retirement date. The third option is to lease a car through an established taxi company. Although leasing provides the most flexibility, in some instances, it is possible to lease by the week.

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