How Do You Find Tax Brackets on IRS.gov?


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The Internal Revenue Service publishes tax brackets in the form of a tax table. To access the online tax table for Form 1040, visit IRS.gov, and select Tax Table from the Forms & Pubs tab on the home page.

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The IRS tax table for Form 1040 allows taxpayers to determine how much they owe in income taxes. To use the table at IRS.gov, taxpayers must first know their taxable income. They can then locate their taxable income on the tax table and read across the line to find the appropriate filing status: single, married filing jointly, married filing separately or head of household. This information gives them the amount of their tax.

For instance, if a person made $65,000 in 2014 and filed as a single taxpayer, his tax is $12,113. For a taxpayer who files as head of household, however, the federal tax total is $10,669. The IRS adjusts the tax tables for inflation and updates them each year. It also adjusts more than 40 tax provisions for inflation to prevent "bracket creep," which occurs when taxpayers moved into a higher tax bracket because of inflation rather than an increase in real income, explains Tax Foundation.

The 39.6 percent tax rate affects single taxpayers who have income exceeding $413,200, reports the IRS. The other marginal rates are 10, 15, 25, 28, 33 and 35 percent. For single taxpayer with a taxable income between $0 and $9,225, the tax is 10 percent of taxable income, explains Forbes.

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