How Do You Find What Tax Bracket You Are In?


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To determine which tax bracket you're in, use either a tax-bracket calculator or the previous year's tax return along with an IRS tax table for the corresponding year. Depending on how much your income has changed this year, you may need to adjust your tax bracket either lower or higher.

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  1. Review your tax return from the previous year

    If you used a Form 1040 for your taxes, look on Line 43 for your number. Use Line 27 if you used Form 1040A and Line 6 for Form 1040EZ. These forms are current as of 2014.

  2. Find that number on the IRS tax table

    Making sure that you're using the tax table that matches the year of your previous tax form, look for the number you found on your tax return to find your marginal tax bracket.

  3. Match your status

    Make sure you're looking at the right status, such as single, married or head of household. Take note of how far off you are from the next-highest tax bracket and how much you have to pay in taxes for that bracket.

  4. Adjust for this year's income

    If you expect to make the same amount this year as you did last year, then your tax bracket might not have changed. If you made more, then you may fall into a higher bracket. If you made less, you may fall into a lower bracket.

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