How Do You Get Tax Advance Loans?

How Do You Get Tax Advance Loans?

Get a tax advance loan from a company that offers them, or get an advance of tax preparation fees through major tax preparation services. As of the 2012 tax filing year, most banks and tax preparation offices stopped offering rapid refund loans due to new regulations, but Liberty Tax Services still offered the instant cash advance.

  1. Find a lender that offers tax refund advancement loans

    Look for short-term lenders, such as payday advance companies, that offer refund loans. Many of these loans are offered based off personal credit instead of the refund amount and lien status of the refund.

  2. Get an advancement of tax preparation fees

    File your tax refund without paying upfront fees for preparation services with a refund anticipation check. While this option does not give you immediate money in your pocket, it does allow you to file your refund without spending extra money on the spot. Instead, the tax preparation company opens a temporary bank account in your name to receive your refund and deducts the filing fees and any refund anticipation check fees from the refund before sending it to you.

  3. Pay back any loan as soon as possible

    Avoid any extra fees on a tax loan by paying the balance as soon as you receive your tax refund. With a refund anticipation check, the tax preparation company pays itself first, but with lines of credit and short-term loan products, you have to initiate the payment.