What Are Some Tasks That Would Appear on the Duties List of an Office Manager?

Office manager duties typically include overseeing support services, hiring and training office staff, enforcing policies and coordinating communication. In smaller companies, office managers may take on additional responsibilities such as payroll, budgeting, purchasing and human resources duties.

In a company with multiple administrative positions, the office manager serves as the head of the department, providing leadership, setting goals and establishing project deadlines. This position supervises and manages the daily workload of other staff members, as well as training, mentoring and disciplining staff as needed. She may write and enforce procedures for administrative personnel.

The office manager ensures smooth operation of administrative services within the company. This may include streamlining processes and creating organizational structures to improve the work flow process for tasks such as communication and record keeping. The office manager typically handles ordering office supplies for the entire company. She may oversee office equipment such as the copier and computers.

The office manager often serves as a liaison between upper management, other departments and the administrative staff. By working with all departments within the organization, she is able to improve administrative services by updating policies and procedures. She is also able to communicate the needs of the departments and facilitate communication within the organization.