What Tasks Do Workers in a Juvenile Probation Department Perform?


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While the tasks of workers in a juvenile probation department vary depending on the worker's position and the location, common tasks include monitoring delinquent youth, managing case files and appearing in court when necessary. Probation officers have the most contact with delinquent youth, while assistants and aides help officers while learning the necessary techniques for probation work.

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Monitoring delinquent youth includes meeting with them to give them information and advice and evaluating their conduct. Probation officers explain what is expected of delinquent youth and track their progress. They often meet with families to discuss the juvenile.

Each juvenile delinquent has a case file which his probation officer handles. The officer updates information in the file and makes sure that accurate information on the juvenile is available in the department's computer system.

The probation officer prepares any necessary information, such as case files, before a juvenile delinquent's court hearing. The officer presents that information at the hearing and gives an opinion on what action the court should take, if asked. Probation officers may also attend school hearings for the juvenile, such as suspension or expulsion hearings.

Probation officers and other workers often need to maintain connections with other community organizations. They also may need to attend training programs.

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