What Are Tape Dispenser Usage Instructions?


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Tape dispenser usage instructions simplify the process of sealing boxes and packages, and they typically include loading the dispenser properly, removing the tab to reveal the adhesive side of the tape, pulling the dispenser along the box and rotating to cut the tape. Exact dispenser model instructions may vary.

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Loading tape dispensers involves placing the roll in so that the adhesive surface faces away from the handle and securing the tape roll. Users prime the roll by removing the tab and enough tape to ensure the sticky material contacts surfaces. The unrolled edge should stick to the front of the dispenser directly on or just below the cutting edge. Once loaded, users grasp the handle and pull the tape across boxes or packages to seal seams and close lids. Twisting the dispenser to drag the tape across the cutting edge ends the application process. Users can then complete the seal by running their fingers along the newly applied tape.

Many instructions note to repeat as desired until the package is adequately secure. Important precautions when working with tape dispensers include paying attention to the location of the cutting edge at all times and making sure that any axles or clips that hold the roll in place remain secure throughout use.

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