How Do You Talk to a Live Person in Tech Support?


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Different companies have different configurations for automated technical support call handling software, which means that there is no single guaranteed method. However, most services connect to a representative after the customer presses the 0 key.

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When calling a customer service phone number for technical or other support needs, callers are typically greeted with an automated system that attempts to diagnose the issue and solve it without ever connecting the customer to a live representative. In many systems, callers are able to bypass these screening steps and connect to a live person by pressing 0 on the keypad one or several times. It is always best to listen to the initial set of options, however, instead of immediately pressing 0, as some systems require callers to select their preferred language before the call can proceed.

Many systems also feature voice recognition options in lieu of, or in addition to, touch tone entry systems. With these systems, callers can bypass the automated diagnostic options by saying the company's designated term referring to a live support person. Some common terms are "agent," "representative" or "associate." If customers clearly and loudly ask to speak to one of these people, many systems will connect to an adviser.

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