What Does a Talent Agent Do?


A talent agent finds work, books auditions and negotiates contracts for actors, singers, models and other professional performers in the entertainment industry. The agent represents and promotes clients to current and potential employers and other industry professionals.

A talent agent receives production notices from casting directors who are seeking talent for upcoming projects and responds to them with pictures, resumes and demos reels of clients suited for the jobs. The agent also actively seeks out information on upcoming auditions and promotes clients through phone calls, emails and meetings with casting directors and producers.

When an opportunity for an audition arises, the talent agent discusses it with the client and then books an audition time. The agent then gives the client an appointment sheet detailing the time and venue of the audition and, in the case of an actor or musician, sides, which are sections of the script or music that the client will be reading or performing during the audition. Sometimes the agent also coaches the client in preparation for the audition.

If the client gets the gig, the agent negotiates the contract, including compensation and benefits, with the production company. Talent agents get paid a commission, typically 10 percent of what the client makes from the job. Although talent agents and managers do similar work, agents are required to be licensed and strictly regulated by the state.