How Do You Find Your Talent?


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Some ways to find your talent include thinking back to childhood, considering what activities engage you and asking others. There is no definitive strategy for finding a talent, but these ideas can help point you in the right direction.

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Thinking back to childhood interests is one strategy to help reveal innate talents. Think back to before the expectations of parents, peers and society affected your perception of yourself and what is required of you. Consider how you spent the majority of your time and what your favorite activities were. These childhood interests can often be interpreted and translated into the present.

Examining present-day interests can also be useful for discovering a talent. Think about what activities you find completely engaging. Consider hobbies, leisure activities or even work activities. If there is a specific activity that is so engaging that it causes you to lose track of time, consider why that might be and how that might translate into a talent.

Getting an outside perspective can also shed light on personal talents. Ask close friends, family members or coworkers to describe your strengths and abilities. These individuals can often identify aspects of your personality that you don’t normally recognize or consider. While they may not be able to point to your exact talent, their observations can often help lead the way there.

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