What Are Some Tactics Debt Collectors Use?

What Are Some Tactics Debt Collectors Use?

Some of the tactics debt collectors use include pretending to be what they are not, threatening debtors and contacting third parties, according to CBS News. Debt collectors also hound individuals whose payments fall through with relentless calls, states Kiplinger

CBS News reports that it is imperative for debt collectors to identify the organization they work for when contacting debtors. However, a debt collector may mask his identity and make a casual call to a debtor, pretending to be an acquaintance. Kiplinger says some debt collectors may pose as paralegals or fraud investigators, a tactic they use to imply that a debtor is likely to face criminal charges


Some debt collectors threaten debtors with consequences ranging from bodily harm to arrest with the aim of creating fear and causing debtors to cede to their demands. The law prohibits debt collectors from threatening debtors to recover money, reports CBS News. The Federal Trade Commission charges debt collectors who engage in such illegal practices and urges consumers to consider lodging claims with their state attorney general against such entities.

Debt collectors may contact third parties such as employers and neighbors, informing them about an individual’s debt to force him to pay, says CBS News. Federal law allows a debt collector to call an individual between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. However, some debt collectors violate this rule by calling debtors late at night or before daybreak.