Is T. Rowe Price a Reliable Corporation for Retirement Planning?


As of March 2015, the major retirement fund overseen by the company is the T. Rowe Price Retirement Balanced Fund, which is a mutual fund with a minimum investment of $2,500. Since the fund started in 2002, it has returned nearly 7 percent to its investors.

From 2010 to 2015, the fund returned slightly more than 7 percent to its investors. From 2012 to 2015, the investment grew 6.61 percent. From early 2014 to early 2015, the mutual fund's rate went up by 5.11 percent.

The overall goal of the T. Rowe Price Retirement Balanced Fund is a methodical growth pattern over many years to build up someone's retirement portfolio. Jerome Clark manages the fund and expanded its diversification in July 2010. As of early February 2015, this particular investment had assets of more than $3.72 billion invested in 17 different holdings.

T. Rowe Price started as an investment firm in Baltimore in 1937. The company started its first mutual fund in 1950 and had more than 75 different mutual funds for investors to select as of March 2015. T. Row Price's first dedicated retirement account started in 1974. The firm undertook new retirement investment strategies in 2003 that included $8 billion in assets within two years of starting the new retirement funds.