What Are Some AT&T Home Security System Packages?

What Are Some AT&T Home Security System Packages?

AT&T offers three security system packages as of 2015: Smart Security, Smart Security and Automation, and Premium Security and Automation. All three feature 24/7 monitoring through a wireless network, professional installation, and the capacity to sync the system with a mobile device.

The Smart Security package includes a keypad, siren, motion sensor and three contact and window sensors.

The Smart Security and Automation package includes the same equipment plus an upgraded touch screen control panel. This package also includes an outdoor camera that allows the customer to view live or recorded video. The push-button door lock included in this package allows for remote locking and unlocking of doors.

The Premium Security and Automation package includes the same features and equipment as the Smart Security and Automation package. Upgraded features with this package allow customers to monitor and manage the environment of their homes with smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, two temperature and water sensors and two smart plugs for controlling interior lights and small appliances.

Optional add-on equipment for each package includes a key chain remote, glass break sensor and garage door controller.

For an additional installation and monthly fee, the Smart Security package can include a video camera package, a door package or an energy package.

Each security package requires customers to sign a two-year agreement for monitoring services.