Do AT&T Employees Wear Uniforms?


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Some AT&T employees do wear uniforms offered through business clothing providers such as Lands' End, shows the Lands' End Business Outfitters website. Other AT&T employees wear either business casual or formal attire as of 2015, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

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An example of a uniform an AT&T employee might wear could be a polo shirt that has the AT&T logo on it along with a pair of pants, suggests Lands' End Business Outfitters. A nametag may be placed on the shirt for some roles.

AT&T employees who do not wear uniforms might wear business casual attire, which could include slacks, sweaters, dress shirts and dress shoes for either gender. Women may choose to wear modest skirts or dresses with open-toed shoes, while men might choose a blazer with corduroy pants, mentions Business Insider.

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