What Is the Symbol for the Euro?

What Is the Symbol for the Euro?

The symbol for the euro is €, and it is called the "euro sign." The symbol's designers drew inspiration from the ancient Greek epsilon symbol when creating it.

The euro symbol's designers chose to model the design on epsilon, as it represents civilization. Epsilon blends with the first letter of Europe crossed with two parallel lines, which aims to show the currency's stability.

When creating the symbol, the designers had three primary aims:

  • To make it easy to recognize
  • To ensure it had a visual link with existing currencies
  • To make it easy for people to write by hand

When constructing the symbol, graphics designers need to follow certain rules. The euro must be in yellow on a clear background, or in yellow on a blue background. To create the yellow, they must use "Yellow 100," and for the blue, they must use "Cyan 100" and "Magenta 80."

When deciding on the name for the currency, the Heads of State agreed that it should remain the same in all languages the European Union represents. In addition, they determined that all countries should spell it "euro," but they could pluralize it as they wish, providing the initial "eur" remains within the word. Countries using the word in legal texts could adapt it according to their language's grammatical rules.