What Are Suze Orman's Financial Qualifications and Credentials?


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Although Suze Orman does not have any academic financial qualifications, she displayed a natural flair for financial planning while working for a number of major investment firms, first as a financial adviser, and later a vice president, before writing a number of books on financial management. A number of Orman's books have gone on to become best sellers, making her a household name, and helped launch her career on national TV, notes Biography.

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The fact that Orman was on the receiving end of bad investment advice in her youth could also be argued to be a valuable credential as she lost money as a result of bad investment decisions made by a broker she hired, states Biography.

It was this event that encouraged Orman to learn all she could about finance and investment, ultimately going on to secure a job at Merrill Lynch. Following her career as a financial adviser, Orman published her first book in 1995. At the time, the books were written for her clients, in order to help them gain insights and understanding about investments. The success of the book led her to continue writing and commentating on investment and finance. Orman has, however, been criticized for not being able to predict the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009.

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