How do you survey land?


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To survey land by yourself, assemble some equipment, recruit a friend, and understand the basics of how surveying works. Be exact in your measurements. Realize for land surveys to be legally binding, most government officials require surveying to be done by licensed professionals.

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  1. Collect surveying equipment

    Rent, purchase or assemble the necessary equipment: a set of chaining pins, one 100-foot metallic woven tape, two 7-foot long poles, a plumb bob on a string and some writing materials.

  2. Recruit at least one friend

    Find a friend who is able to walk safely around the area you are surveying and who is willing to be precise in following instructions. Explain to this friend what needs to be done, and be certain he understands the process.

  3. Understand what surveying measures

    Understand that surveying a piece of property allows you to measure distance, determine elevation and measure angles. For your surveying project, decide what you need to discover and how the surveying project should proceed.

  4. Perform the necessary surveying work

    To measure distance, both you and your friend stand at either end of the 100-foot chaining tape and use chaining pins to keep track of the total distance from a known point until you reach the desired total distance. With one set of 10 pins, measure up to 1000 feet. Use the plumb bob to ensure the chaining pins are placed properly in hilly areas. Suspend the plumb bob on the string from one of the marks on the chain to indicate the chain is being held level. Keep track of the distances and chaining pins on your writing materials.

  5. Compute any results

    After you are finished with all your measuring and marking, compute the results. Mark the distances you measured so you can find them again as necessary.

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