Who Are the Best Surgeons in the World?


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The best surgeons in the world have transformed health care around the globe in many surgical specialties. These specialties include cardiovascular, neurosurgery, organ transplants, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and vascular surgery, notes Lisa Simon for Healthcare Administration Degree Programs.

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In cardiovascular surgery, top surgeons include Dr. Russell Nelson. He, along with his team, invented the very first heart-lung machine. This device made the first heart surgical operations possible in 1951. In neurosurgery, one of the best surgeons in the world is Dr. Gazi Yasargil, who is thought of as the father of neuroscience. He is hailed for redefining the field and making previously inoperable brain conditions into doable procedures that save lives, notes Simon.

In organ transplants, Dr. Thomas Starzl is highly regarded. He was the first to successfully transplant a human liver. In ophthalmology, Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris was the trailblazer for LASIK surgery, which is the best surgical method for correcting astigmatism in humans and can eliminate the need to wear contact lenses or glasses. In plastic surgery, Dr. Maria Siemionow paved the way for partial human face transplants, conducting the first successful such transplant in 2008. In oral surgery, Dr. Bernard Devauchelle is regarded as one of the world's very best. He is also a leader in full facial transplants, completing the first successful operation in 2005, explains Simon.

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