How Do You Know for Sure a Subscription Was Cancelled?

Typically, the first step to confirming the cancellation of a subscription is to check your online account with the company for a subscription section, sometimes under a Profile or My Account page. The methods for confirming the cancellation of a subscription vary according to the company and the nature of the subscription, though most companies provide confirmation via customer support agents.

This subscription section may feature a listing of all subscriptions currently associated with your account, including recurring payments or enrollment in special programs. If the site does not include such a section or the section does not display information about your subscriptions, you must contact the company's customer service department to verify the cancellation.

When speaking with the customer service agent, provide your contact information and your subscription number, if available, to make it easy to find your account. Make sure you confirm that you are not currently enrolled in the subscription and that you revoke any recurring charges, payments or enrollments. In some cases, the cancellation may take several days to process and for the changes to appear on your account. If the subscription came from a purchase with a preset time frame, such as entering a code for three months of access to a service, the subscription may automatically terminate at the end of the period.