What Supplies Are Needed to Operate a Taxi?


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Though the specific requirements may vary between taxi agency, employment type and location, taxi drivers may need supplies such as pens and paper for tracking fairs, a GPS device for finding directions and a radio to contact a dispatcher. The driver may also need air fresheners, payment processing devices or tools for cleaning up the cab.

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Many taxi agencies supply drivers with the necessary tools and equipment to handle common fares and situations, though it is common for self-employed drivers or workers with alternative driving agencies to purchase their own equipment, such a sheet for reporting the times and locations of each fare. This may be a special form that includes a section for locations, times and fare amounts or a blank sheet onto which the driver makes her own notes. Many taxi drivers also use a GPS device to find directions and gauge traffic conditions, either as a stand-alone car system or as an app on a smartphone.

Some taxi agencies supply drivers with a short-wave radio to contact dispatchers, though some may simply use cellphones to call the dispatch as well as communicate with passengers prior to picking them up. Many taxi drivers also purchase air fresheners to help provide a more neutral or pleasant atmosphere for passengers as well as reduce the odor from passenger items, such as pets or groceries. Similarly, the driver may purchase cleaning solution and paper towels to help remove any mess from passengers.

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