What Supplies Needed for Logging?


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A logging business needs a good chainsaw, tools or machinery for splitting logs, a truck or a team of horses for moving logs, and equipment for sharpening and maintaining the tools. A portable sawmill is necessary if the business is going to sell finished timber.

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One or more quality chainsaws of the proper size for cutting the trees in the target business area is the most essential piece of equipment for a start-up logging business. A powerful truck moves lumber quickly from the forest area and is also useful for transporting the finished product to customers. Alternately, horses can be used to pull logs out of the forest. Horses do less damage than machinery, making them an environmentally friendly option. Large logging operations use log skidders to move big logs. Skidders are heavy vehicles that carry logs to transport sites. They are unnecessary for small businesses that process the logs into firewood or lumber on site.

Splitting wedges and a splitting maul allow wood to be split by hand for firewood. For a larger firewood business, a log splitter is essential for quickly processing wood. A portable sawmill allows wood to be processed into finished lumber. Chainsaw files and other sharpening tools, as well as oil and other maintenance supplies are necessary to keep the tools of the trade in top shape.

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