What Supplies Are Necessary in a Retail Store?


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Supplies necessary for a retail store vary according to the items sold, though most require trash cans and shelves for the stock room, coffee and food for the break room and tables for the sales floor. The store may also have an office, which needs a computer, safe and other standard office supplies.

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Determine the supplies necessary for a retail store by breaking down different sections, starting with the stock room. This is where all the store receives its merchandise from the distributor, so it needs shelves and bins for holding the items and sorting them to check inventory. It also needs trash cans for disposing of packing materials, a computer for tracking shipments and any other tools to clean or repair damaged merchandise. Next, focus on the break room, which should include a table where employees may sit and eat, a microwave or minifridge and a coffee maker.

The sales floor is also an important aspect of a retail store, as it is the area that houses the items to sell and the place where customers browse the merchandise. This space needs to have the appropriate tables or displays, promotional materials such as signs and mannequins if the store sells clothing. It also needs a cash register and a security system, ranging from cameras to a simple lock for the door.

Stock the office with a computer for handling business matters, a safe for storing money and filing cabinet to hold employee and store documents.

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