What Are Some Supplies That Kelley Beekeeping Offers?


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Kelley Beekeeping offers all of the supplies needed to create and maintain a beehive and harvest the honey, including complete hive kits, hive frames and foundations, hive carriers, plastic queen excluders, wiring devices, replacement transformers, copper wax tube fasteners, hive straps, W-style pallet clips, drone comb frames, split section devices, window cartons, cellophane bags, spur wire embedders, comb honey cutters, comb slicing pans, hive staples, mouse guards, bottom boards, side rails and beetle traps. Other supplies offered by Kelley Beekeeping are Nuc kits and boxes, plastic disc entries, excluder tools, embossing machines, hand crank prerollers, metal hive stands, entrance guards, eco wood treatments, round section labels, universal frame nailing devices, commercial grade migratory covers and gable roof aluminum top hive covers, according to Kelley Beekeeping.

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Kelley Beekeeping also offers a line of protective clothing for both adults and kids that includes cotton or nylon coveralls with round or hooded veils, youth pullover cotton jackets with hooded veils, unvented goatskin gloves, white mesh helmets, khaki plastic helmets, youth cotton pants, Bee Natural canvas pants, Kelley veils, ventilated coveralls with hooded veils, coveralls without veils, hat and veil combos, pull-down veils, gloves with nylon long sleeves and cowhide gloves, states Kelley Beekeeping.

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