What Are Some Suppliers That Sell Cleaver-Brooks Packaged Boilers?

What Are Some Suppliers That Sell Cleaver-Brooks Packaged Boilers?

Suppliers of new Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers include Cleaver-Brooks and Powerhouse Boiling Equipment. Both of these companies install and service Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers, while Powerhouse Boiling Equipment also sells and rents used Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers. As of December 2015, eBay lists some used Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers.

Cleaver-Brooks' line of packaged boilers includes firetubes, industrial and flexible watertubes, heat recovery steam generators and waste heat boilers. Cleaver-Brooks sells its products to end-users through the Cleaver-Brooks Representative Association, a sales and service network with more than 1,500 worldwide representatives that also commissions, services and provides training on Cleaver-Brooks boilers. Cleaver-Brooks is one of the largest suppliers of boiler aftermarket parts in the world and stocks a broad range of items, including gaskets, controls, pumps, motors and gauges.

Powerhouse Boiling Equipment sells, installs and services every Cleaver-Brooks boiler model. It also rents Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers in many sizes, ranges and configurations. Its used boilers are reconditioned and sold at prices significantly lower than prices for similar new models.

EBay lists many Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers, ranging in price from about $5,000 to about $55,000, as well as many parts for Cleaver-Brooks packaged boilers.

Cleaver-Brooks was founded by John C. Cleaver and Raymond Brooks in the 1930s, when it began producing the first packaged boiler systems. Today, it is a leading provider of packaged boiler systems and the sole provider of integrated boiler/burner/control solutions.