What Are a Supervisor's Duties?


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The primary duty of a supervisor is to oversee the activities and development of staff members. Additionally, he answers to the company management and serves as a mentor to the employees. More duties of a supervisor include maintaining discipline in the workplace and addressing situations in which a conflict arises.

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What Are a Supervisor's Duties?
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By enforcing discipline, a supervisor ensures that the employees remain productive and focused. A supervisor accomplishes this by creating a level playing field in which activities that go against the company and department rules are not acceptable. A supervisor acts as a link between the employees and the departmental managers. Through daily contact with the employees, a supervisor helps them develop and improve relevant skills. This allows the supervisor to analyze the employees and determine which are suitable to serve as supervisors in the future.

When a conflict erupts in the workplace, the duty of a supervisor is to immediately assess the situation and work with the engaged parties to solve the problem. In such cases, a supervisor is able to utilize the close relationship he has with the employees to prevent the conflict from escalating. Finally, a supervisor’s duty is to ensure maximum productivity of the work group. He does this by presenting the group with the production goals and the means of achieving them efficiently.

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