Where Does Sunwing Airlines Fly?


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Sunwing Airlines flies regular routes between a number of Canadian cities and destinations in Europe, North and Central America and the Caribbean. Its Canadian hubs are in Toronto and Montreal, and it flies out of Cincinnati, Atlanta and Nashville in the United States.

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Sunwing's normal routes include many different destinations on the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean, and the company has its heaviest presence in Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The Toronto hub also features single flights to Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Lisbon, Rome, Oporto, Paris, Dublin, London and Amsterdam. These flights may not be available year-round, and some destinations are only open for holiday travel during the summer.

Sunwing Airlines began as a purely Canadian company, but expanded by purchasing travel companies in the US and the Caribbean in order to increase its seasonal traffic. Historically, Canadian flights to the Caribbean peak in the winter months, while travel ebbs during the summer months. Expanding into the United States has provided the company with increased traffic during the summer.

Sunwing has codeshare agreements with Arklefly, a Dutch airline, as well as Corsair International in France. The company also maintains seasonal flight hubs in Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Quebec City.

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