Why Was the Sunbeam Heating Pad Recalled?

The Sunbeam heating pad was recalled because some units did not automatically shut off as they were advertised, which led to some individuals being seriously burned. The heating pad had a timer and was supposed to turn off automatically after 20 minutes.

In 2003 a woman from Portland Oregon was wearing a Sunbeam heating pad around her shoulder. While using the heating pad, she suffered a grand mal seizure that left her unconscious. Her heating pad was defective and did not turn off after 20 minutes, but instead remained on and continued to burn the woman . After the woman regained consciousness, she had suffered severe burns from the Sunbeam heating pad on her rib cage and back, which led her to issue a lawsuit against the company for false advertising.

The company discovered that many of their units were defective and did not turn off automatically like they were supposed to. Others came forward to fight the company and attempt to get compensation for burns they received while using the heating pads, and some units melted when they were used as advertised, which eventually led to a large recall of Sunbeam heating pads. Still today, Sunbeam and Kaz heating products are under scrutiny for causing burns to the product's users.