How Do You Summarize Your Educational Background on a Resume?

The method for summarizing your educational background on a resume varies depending on the position and the amount of education you have. If you are a recent graduate or are applying for an education job, include as much detail about it as possible, such as GPA, various degrees and honors.

It is important to include your educational background on a resume so that your potential employer understands both your overall knowledge level as well as your ability to commit and follow through on tasks. If you recently graduated or you have only a few years of relevant work experience, include your educational information higher up on your resume. List your degrees in chronological order, starting with the most recent and working backward. It is not necessary to include high school degrees if you have any education above a bachelor's degree. Also include your GPA if it is above a 3.0 along with any honors, awards or special recognition from that time.

If you five or more years of relevant work experience in the position for which you are applying, place your educational summary below the work section. List your bachelor's degree along with the name of the institution you went to and the years in which you were in attendance. Do not include GPA or a high school diploma unless it is directly relevant to the job. Only list honors or awards if they are relevant or significantly important.