What Are Some Suggestions for Wording on a Recognition Plaque?


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Good wording to use on a recognition plaque includes "outstanding achievement award presented to" and "award of excellence presented to." Other phrasing acknowledges an appreciation for "outstanding dedication and service" that has gone "above and beyond the call of duty." Follow each of these phrases with the recipient's name and role within the organization.

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Plaques can also call attention to a number of years the recipient has provided service. A retirement plaque can call attention to "untiring service" as well as "loyalty and friendship." If acknowledging achievement in a field such as sales, wording can include an appreciation and recognition for "outstanding achievements in the field of sales."

The plaque can acknowledge outstanding leadership by stating an appreciation for "superior leadership qualities" or "superior performance" in running a particular department. A plaque can recognize the recipient's "ability to help and guide fellow workers."

Another way to lay out the wording on a plaque is to place the logo of the organization at the top, followed by the word "honoring." The next line on the plaque is the name of the recipient, followed with the words that briefly explain the recognition, such as "for her nomination for (name of award)." The last line of the plaque then has the date of the recognition.

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